Quick trip to New York

I forget that the East Coast is relatively close to Europe. What helped make this trip happen was that the round trip airfare between New York and Barcelona was relatively inexpensive (<$450). The price I paid could have easily been a roundtrip ticket within the US.

Since I would be leaving from New York, I decided to stay a couple days visiting with family and friends. And so far the Empire State has been a relatively gracious host. 

There is something about staying in a city that hustles and bustles. 


As with all cities, there is always something happening, a new play, musical, band, sites to see, drink, or food. There is this pursuit and desire to push onward, always moving. An underwater behemoth that must continue to move, passing water over its gills in order to breathe.  The only difference is, this pursuit is not always forward. For everyone, the direction is different; forwards, backwards, sideways, outwards, inwards, etc.

It’s perhaps why people say cities, while a throbbing mass of humanity, they are almost in their own right a living entity of their own.

I have gotten to walk parts of this city, to see for myself the people, the pace, and its character. I have to say I am quite partial to the buildings here, especially the libraries. I’ll sign off with a couple of my better pictures.





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